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white_flowers's Journal

Blodwen Rowlands
Outside Time
Blodwen Rowlands is of Wales, and lived for many years on a farm with her husband John. She knew Bran Davies as he was growing up and was always seen to be kind where the motherless boy was concerned, keeping track of him as best she could. Brown-haired and blue-eyed, Blodwen has a soft musical voice and a gentle round face, warm with kindliness. She is often seen to be smiling, likes to knit, and is fond of flowers - particularly white ones.

However, Blodwen Rowlands was once known by another name, that of the White Rider, one of the two Great Lords of the Dark. As such, her soft musical voice can turn cold and sibilant and cruel in an instant, and her demeanor haughty and proud. Like the Black Rider, she was thrown down and outside Time after the Dark was defeated in the final rising, and has now, like him, since found her way to Milliways.

Since then, a great many things have happened. Oh yes indeed.

Blodwen Rowlands/the White Rider belongs to Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising sequence, and not to me. This journal exists solely for the RPG at milliways_bar, and is not being used for profit. No infringement is intended. Questions and comments should be sent to silveraspen by private message, email (aspen-at-silveraspen-dot-net), or over AIM (Aspenx3).